Sara, Sept 2020:  Having studied yoga with Anne for many years, I have been delighted in the quality of her on-line sessions.  The experience has been exceptional – Anne gives guidance to everyone, and I have actually made more progress studying on-line than before.  Especially in lockdown and during restrictions that Covid has created, Anne’s classes are for me a haven of focus, learning and enjoyment.  I love the way every class is different.  Even when we do the same poses, we approach them in different ways – it’s both creative and fun.

Amanda, Sept 2020:  I really love Anne’s classes and the switch to zoom has been great.  I have improved so much with her.  I always look forward to the classes and feel so calm and relaxed afterwards.

Neva, Sept 2020:  Thank you so much for continuing classes through lockdown and beyond.  Although it did take a little getting used to at first, I have enjoyed that I can practice from home and easily fit yoga into my week.  It has also allowed me to do two classes a week and I really feel the benefits of this too!  I have always looked forward to the class and I’m so glad it is all set up to continue regardless of the restrictions placed on us through these uncertain times.  Thank you Anne!

Mary, Sept 2020: After lessons in person with Anne I am very happy to be able to continue with her online.  She is thorough in her preparation and classes have focus and cohesion.  She is also thorough, vigilant and patient in her teaching, paying attention to us as individuals to ensure each does the poses in the way that works for them and maintains safety.  ( Working online she always makes sure she has a good view of every class member.)  She is quite strict with us but also funny!

Valli,  Oct 2019:  Anne is a very professional, kind, watchful teacher and has accommodated me in so many ways in the three classes I have been to so far.  I am a bit rusty from not having done yoga since we started on our various travels more than four months ago, but the classes have helped me to gradually feel more at home in my body! What I like most is that she first demonstrates a pose, then talks us through it while we do it, and as we do a particular pose she manages to watch all of us and correct individual students.  Her manner is gentle, professional, caring: all the things that reassure students when in class.

I live in Australia and now when I visit my daughter in London I will start going to Anne Lynn’s classes to keep myself mentally and physically together, as it were !

Fiona, Sept 2019:  I have found Anne’s classes ideal for me as she is sensitive to individual needs.  She makes allowances and offers options for those of us who are less flexible, or have joint issues.  As a result her classes always feel safe and consistent with advice I have had from physios’.   In general in recent years I have sought out Iyengar teachers as find I can rely on a consistency of approach and high quality of teaching due to the standard of training they receive.

Helen, Oct 2016:   I have practiced different types of yoga with a number of different teachers during the last 20 years.  I started attending Anne’s classes about 8 years ago and have come to respect and appreciate her thoughtful style.  Anne takes a lot of trouble to understand each student’s preferences and needs, structuring her classes accordingly.  She is vigilant to ensure that each student works in a way that does not exacerbate pre-existing injuries and promotes greater strength and agility.  I have really noticed the benefit – no more low back pain and much stronger knees!  Her classes are the highlight of my week.

Alison, Oct 2016:   I love going to Anne’s classes.  The work is rigorous but the mood is light.  Anne is really tuned into individual requirements and always has options to accommodate everybody’s needs.

John (74), Oct 2016:  I’ve been going to Anne’s classes for around ten years and plan to keep going for many more years to come.  Yoga is a fantastic way to help keep in touch with one’s body and to keep fit in a totally non-competitive and non-threatening environment.  Anne is a fantastic teacher supporting, encouraging, guiding, explaining and, best of all, understanding the different needs and capabilities of each of her students.  Do give it a try – there’s no age limit!

Neva, Oct 2016:  Anne has transformed me over the last year.  I used to have lower back pain after carrying my children which has now disappeared.  My body is getting stronger as I progress and I feel a lot happier at the end of each session.  In fact I hate to miss a class!

Rachel M, Sept 2016:  Anne is a brilliant teacher. I have always felt safe in her hands.

(New) Rachel, Sept 2016:   I am new to yoga, and have tried several classes which I didn’t really like for various reasons.  Then a friend recommended Anne’s class, and I am so glad she did!  I am now going regularly, and Anne is a fantastic teacher – really good at differentiating for each student, and remembering things you find difficult or the particular parts of the body you have problems with.  Anne explains things really well, and is very patient, and clearly has a high level of knowledge herself.  I would highly recommend her classes.

Jen (45), Oct 2013 :  Individualised help in a group lesson setting…. amazing! I thoroughly recommend Anne’s classes.  

Nicky (45), Oct 2013 : I’ve been attending Anne’s yoga classes on and off for six years, different days and times due to the evolving nature of my life. The yoga I have learnt has enabled me to stay flexible despite middle age.  I always feel better after a class, its a highlight, especially after a long punishing week at work, stressed and hunched over the computer for too long.  It’s like being ‘unfurled’.  I’m sure it has played a part in keeping me healthy. Anne’s classes are comfortable what ever level you’re working to, individually tailored so if you are super fit, or a bit creaky like me, there is something for everyone.  You never feel uncomfortable, all yoga is done in a positive, supportive atmosphere.  Anne will correct you, support you and help with any part you find difficult.  If you need to keep fit, or de stress then these classes are a good work out, for mind and body.

Lara (39) : Anne is a great teacher – warm and explains the poses well.  Her classes are a good mixture of friendly atmosphere and precise instructions.  In a year of quite an intense yoga practice with Anne I have felt more energetic and calm.  

Pam (66) : As I get older I need to keep going with yoga so that I can stay as flexible as possible I get help from Anne in adapting the poses for my needs.  

Yolande (42) : I look forward to every class and love the fact that I can drop in to an extra one if it fits into my schedule.  Anne’s style and safe approach to teaching makes each class count in a non competitive environment, I highly recommend going to these classes.  

Amy (32) : Anne’s yoga classes are expertly planned and taught. While remaining true to the principles of practice and repetition so important in yoga, her classes are incredibly varied as she introduces new poses and constantly teaches new ways to do familiar poses.  Anne is also very attentive to all her students, knowing when to support someone to go that little bit further and how to interest and challenge more experienced students.  My yoga class with Anne is the highlight of my week – the perfect combination of physical exercise, mental stimulation and fun!